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IUP’s Own Geoscience Professor Co-Authors Book on NASA’s Asteroid Mission

Dr. Kenneth Coles, a geoscience professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), co-wrote a book titled 'Bennu 3-D Anatomy of an Asteroid'. The book, published by the London Stereoscopic Company

Unexpected Compound Discovered On The Moon, What Is Happening?

India’s recent Moon mission detected sulfur on the lunar surface at a higher concentration than expected. This has led scientists to wonder if some of their...

Scientists have found the great white sharks that fled for their lives from gruesome liver-eating killer whale attacks

Great white sharks disappeared from their natural habitat in South Africa after attacks by liver-eating killer whales. Scientists just found them.

How Saturn got its rings: Simulations suggest they evolved from the debris of two moons which collided a few hundred million years ago

A new series of supercomputer simulations suggests a massive collision between two icy moons a few hundred million years ago could have led to the formation of Saturn's rings.

An annular solar eclipse is coming to parts of the U.S. in October

Next month the moon will pass between Earth and the sun, treating viewers here on our planet to a solar eclipse. For some, this will be...

Dozens of Preserved Dinosaur Footprints From 150 Million Years Ago Found

Researchers discovered three sites containing a diverse range of dinosaur tracks and one set that a pterosaur may have...

5 Natural and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Algae in Your Fish Tank

Having a slight amount of algae in your fish tank isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You see, wherever there is a combination of light and water you’re likely to see

Local Genome Sequencing Pioneer, Jim Mullikin, Retires After Influential Career

Jim Mullikin, Ph.D., a renowned scientist, has announced his retirement. His career is marked by significant contributions to genome sequencing. He was a key figure in DNA sequencing technologies, contributing

Water fleas may be the solution to our global water crisis

In a surprising new study, scientists have identified water fleas as a potential solution to the global water crisis. The research suggests that these tiny creatures...

Last supermoon of 2023: What to know about this week’s harvest moon

The bright, full moon will be visible between Thursday night and Friday morning, barring any cloud cover where you live.

Planetary Forecast: 9/26/2023: The Moon Shifts from Aquarius to Pisces

Planetary Forecast: 9/26/2023: The Moon Shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. The celestial dance of the Moon is one of nature's most captivating phenomena. As it gracefully traverses the zodiac, each

Let’s Talk About the High Priestess Tarot Card

Oooh, who is that over there? You know when you’re at a party and you just can’t take your eyes off of someone? You're just immediately...

How to watch the last supermoon of 2023

The fourth and final supermoon of 2023 will be visible in the night sky this week. The supermoon, which occurs when a full moon makes its...

Innovative Sepsis Blood Test Could Improve Diagnoses and Save Lives, Local Study Reveals

Sepsis is a severe medical condition that can result in multiple organ failure. It is responsible for about 350,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, as per the Centers for

Scientists might have figured out why Covid keeps evolving

An antiviral drug used to treat Covid-19 patients may be causing the virus to mutate more than it might otherwise, according to scientists. Molnupiravir is designed to make the virus

Endangered species panel reveals new research on conservation

Wildlife experts shared new innovations to increase biodiversity and tackle the effects of environmental change at a July panel hosted by Stanford Alumni in Sustainability. The...

Flowers Are Spreading in Antarctica as Summer Temperatures Soar

Antarctica is looking less and less recognizable with each passing year. On land, scientists have found flowering plants, moss, and algae spreading like never before, and...

Sphere Media gets to work on science-focused Project Rube for Canada’s TVOKids

Canadian children’s network TVOKids has ordered Project Rube (11×26’), an unscripted series focused on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Produced by Montreal-headquartered Sphere Media and...

Emergence of Rat Lungworm Disease: New Cases of Brain-Invading Worms Discovered in Southeastern US

A new study has unveiled that many rats in the Southeastern United States (US) have been infected with a rat lungworm disease. Scientifically known as Angiostrongylus...

Rare red auroras seen as far south as France

The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that was launched on September 22, 2023, hit Earth’s magnetic field on September 24 at 20:43 UTC, sparking a moderate G2...

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